Identifying Ancient Civilizations´ Legacy On Today´s Customs

World Peace: What We Learn From The Old
December 7, 2018
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There are several ancient civilizations across the world. Each civilization has its own form of influence on modern society. Even though the times have changed but those influences still define the legacies of the ancient civilization.

For understanding more about the development of civilization, you would have to visit museums that are storing various artifacts from those eras.

Various teaching of ancient civilization could be found in modern society. Here some of the examples of legacies that belong to ancient civilization.

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They showed the importance of geometry in the construction of buildings.


When speaking about the legacies of ancient civilization, the first thing that comes to the mind is the development in the field of mathematics. Ancient Egyptians were experts in solving geometric and arithmetic problems. They showed the importance of geometry in the construction of buildings.

The major contribution of the ancient Indian Civilization to the field of mathematics is the concept of zero and number decimal system.

The ancient Greeks mathematicians also influenced modern mathematics by providing various formulas and theorem.

Glass Making

Glass-making dated back to the 3600 BC. There are some conflicting ideas about the origin of glass making.

Some claim that it was first made in ancient Egypt civilization while some claim it was developed by ancient Syrian or Mesopotamian civilization.

The ancient Egyptians were able to master the technique of glass making for producing excellent glasses vases. This technique later spread to other parts of the world either by trade routes.



The importance of dental health was first realized by the ancient Egyptians. They invented the first ever recorded toothpaste for cleaning their teeth.

Along with the toothpaste they also created the concept of toothbrushes. Their toothpaste would consist of salt, mint, iris flower and a small amount of pepper. Later on, this formula was also used by Roman people for their dental health.

Concept Of Democracy

The democratic government of the ancient Greek consist of 6,000 members.

The ancient Greek civilization is responsible for creating the first ever recorded democratic government. The democratic government of the ancient Greek consist of 6,000 members.

All decisions were passed through the majority rules. This concept of the government is now used by many countries for peacefully governing their territory. This is one of the most important legacies of the ancient Greek civilization.

The above lists are some of the legacies of the ancient civilization on the modern-day world.

Some may feel small but they huge impact on modern civilization one way or another.

These legacies make it more interesting to study the nature and culture of these ancient civilizations.

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