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December 2, 2017
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April 30, 2019

The two words hence, when together, signify irony and ray of hope at the same time.

World peace- two words, joined together to create a meaning defining the essence of life. “World,” as mostly perceived by everyone today is not only a witness to innumerable incidences of mysterious happenings, but also to those who stand, or should I say, walk truly in the opposite direction of peace. The two words hence, when together, signify irony and ray of hope at the same time.

World Peace today, is like that set of critically endangered species of the wild animal, all set to knock on the door of extinction. Though everything that is perceptible is not how it was in the sands of time.

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Though there stands no single day going without the report of something terrible happening somewhere, the world still continues to live on a small dot of hope, take the Syria condition for example.

A hope which promises to spread smiles not only on the faces of humans but also assures a good peaceful home to the dear animals.

The world still continues to live on a small dot of hope.

History offers enough evidence of how the earth has succumbed to peace (somewhat), with evolving technology knocking at our doorstep every passing second. Ironical, how something which supports life development also plays a big part in destroying the world peace.

Medieval times have seen people cherish moments in a state more enjoyable than today. Yes, the advent of incidences like the world wars did hamper the situations for a brief period of time, but the growing technology today and especially how it is being deployed is a much more serious threat to the life of World Peace.

Another thing which unfortunately has been leading to the destruction of world peace today is how people get about their mistakes. Mistakes today are not being considered as one's own fault. What they actually signify is one’s degree of collapse compared to their counterparts. There is a willingness to overpower one, rather than holding hands together and working towards the destruction of the wall of the problems.

As one of the most evolved species walking on earth today, it becomes our duty to understand the true significance of World Peace.

This is so contrasting to the times that have gone by. With the times gone, the essence of care has also departed from our lives, affection, and humbleness for others are often forgotten.

Even a small insect looks for protection during times of terror.

Even a small insect looks for protection during times of terror. The world has forgotten about these small elements which make up the ingredients to the world, contrasting to the old times where the environment was still considered a healthy one to live in.

World Peace actually is measured by the degree of happiness of people. What the world forgets is that happiness can further be differentiated into what is called as the mental happiness and the physical happiness.

With increasing technology and power, there has been a substantial decrease in the physical happiness, over mental happiness, which in itself can be a dangerous asset to making species. Medieval times saw the advent of mental happiness more compared to physical happenings as people relied on each other more over the machines, which were slow, or mostly yet to come into the global scenario.

As the boom of technology continues to spread, the world continues to become smaller and smaller, to a significant degree. Even if humans decide to settle down in peace, the advent of truly new technologies can continue to be an ax on what is truly the definition of world peace.

It is a high time when people should learn from the world of our ancestors because the sands of time keep moving. The clock keeps ticking, and we need to make a great deal before it gets too late.

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